“It was supposed to be so easy!”

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• But overnight success programs won’t transform us into million-dollar speakers in two weeks.

• Online courses assume we want to grow alone.

• Imposter syndrome, paralysis through analysis, and lack of direction hold us back.

• And then there’s all the stuff we have to do before we can even get on a stage!

Nobody Loves Their Overnight Success Program in the Morning!

If we want to change hearts, minds, and fortunes, we need to polish our stage presence, share big ideas with people who need them, and let the world know we’re here. There are no shortcuts and the road is steep, but three core principles make the journey inspiring:

What results do we deliver and who will pay for them?

We are dedicated, diligent, and willing to make the time

We share feedback, connect with mentors, and help others

Join the online community for experts and entrepreneurs who are serious about growing an influence business.

Though you’ll find plenty of excellent information here, you’ll discover the real value in our smart, creative, and innovative community of speakers, authors, and changemakers.

Create Content that Connects

Market Your Programs

Engage Your Audience


Grow Your Influence Business!

Topic 2 Transformation will be offered on January 9, 16, and 23rd, 2024 at 1pm ET. Explore what to say, how to say it, and why they’ll buy it in three 2-hour sessions.

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