Straight Talk Speakers was founded by Dave Bricker to serve as home for a community of active and aspiring experts, authors, and speakers based on the following values:

  • Nobody loves their overnight success program in the morning! Building a speaking business (or any business) requires clarity, commitment, and collaboration. Hype, spin, and high-pressure sales tactics are not welcome.
  • Straight Talk Speakers is all about people. Our members come here to ask questions, exchange ideas, support one another, and grow. You can find plenty of free content on YouTube. Join this community to engage with friends, mentors, and people you can assist with your expertise. And because there is content to be consumed here, expect it to be over-the-top!
  • Lecturers deliver information; speakers deliver transformation. To accomplish this, we must focus on delivering maximum value to our audiences. Much of the content here—including discussions of sales and marketing—revolves around service.
  • Speaking is a performance art. Join this community to grow your presentation skills in a safe, supportive environment.
  • Just as a speaker is expected to deliver value in excess of their fee, this community aspires to deliver education and inspiration well in excess of the membership fee.
  • The world has plenty of mediocrity. Our members aspire to excellence in everything we do. Though perfectionism is a problem of its own, “Good enough” is not good enough. Fix the typos, tighten up the kerning, and keep the audience engaged. Let’s help each other shine!
  • Our members are listened-to. Have an idea, suggestion, or complaint. Get in touch.
  • The concept of “levels” is arbitrary, and demoralizing to many. Whether you use expertise, skill, or income as a measuring stick, someone will always be at a “higher level” than you. This community aims to offer as much value to the experienced keynoter as it does to the aspiring workshop presenter. The only levels that count are your levels of enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Though much of this site focuses on speaking, the “professional speakers” it serves include anyone who uses the spoken word to generate income. If you’re a coach or consultant who wants to offer free workshops to build clientele, you’re a speaker. Are you a lawyer? A teacher? A podcaster or YouTuber? You’re a speaker! Welcome.



The Straight Talk Speakers Community will open in January 2024. Add your name to the notify list!

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